AI Software for Smart Learning Center Management

Reduce Admin Work.  Extend Business Hours.  Save Time & Money.

What Makes Us Different

+ Articial Intelligence (AI)

Smart algorithms that make data-driven recommendations, schedule conflict resolution, class matching so all you have to do is “confirm”.

+ Smartphone & Tablet App

Swipe left or right, intuitive mobile experience with true mobile apps for your IOS or Android devices.  Work even when off-line (no Wi-Fi or mobile data).

+ Learning Center Management

Full platform with all standard features such as calendar, scheduling, lessons, billing, accounts, alerts & more.

Say GOODBYE to admin work

Free up time from admin work to focus on customers.

Automate admin tasks such as scheduling changes, student registrations & attendance tracking, verifying invoice accuracy, auto reminders and more.

Use smart AI software to automate tedious work.  80% of the work at 10% of the cost. 

AI "Assistant"

Artificial Intelligent software using data algorithms for decision making.

Intelligent AI decision making for schedule conflicts, tutor changes, cancellation impact, making recommended actions & more

Example: A requested schedule change is not possible as tutor is unavailable.  AI “Assistant” gives best recommendation based on student preference and past history, to avoid back and forth dialog between student, tutor and admin staff.

All User & Business Types

Anyone can use the power of AI, whether you are an individual tutor, self-employed, a business or an enterprise with multiple centers. 
If you need to schedule appointments, have customer accounts, manage resources (tutors, teachers, coaches, stylists, doctors), send reminders, handle billing, then AI “Assistant” is for you. 

Auto Everything 🙂

A big advantage of a smart AI platform is the ability to “run” your center on automatic mode, not Tesla’s “Ludicrous” mode, but similar :-).

Set to auto-repeat student’s classes per week, auto-renew their enrollments every month, automatically repeat a lesson schedule into the calendar (ie., Nursery Playgroup Mon-Fri 10am daily). 

Sending reminders and issuing invoices are just normal tasks for AI “Assistant”.

Flexible Lessons & Scheduling

Legacy management software can be inflexible rules based configuration, creating more admin work and training. 

AI “Assistant” will warn you of issues but will allow you over-ride control (ie. over-registering a class, scheduling 2 classes in same room). 

Our platform support lessons with variable schedules, creating programs (packages) from a set of lessons, multi-level pricing, class based (quantity), time based (10 hours) or fee based ($100 credit) programs and more.

Works with 3rd Party Apps

Our AI software platform integrates with google or IOS calendars, messaging platforms such as Whatsapp or WeChat, SMS, and email. 

Use the apps your customers are familiar with.


Attendance Tracking (QR Code)

Make tracking attendance easy by having your students check-in using QR student codes when they arrive.  No more sign-in sheets, paper records and easy to show attendance record to parents on app, and easy to reconcile to invoices (attended, missed, make-up classes). 

You can do class manual attendance check-in also.

Android & IOS Mobile Experience

Our AI software management platform is designed for mobile users, smartphones and tablets (both Android and IOS). 

All the mobile gestures you are used to, swipe left or right, up or down, press and hold, no training required to navigate complicated web menus. 

Provide better experience by letting your customers and tutors to check schedules, payments, messaging anytime 24 hours x 7 days, on demand all the time.

Data Privacy & Security

Your data is fully secured on our AI software platform with automatic encryption of sensitive user data. 

Reduce your business risk by only giving enough information to staff to do their work (using permissions).

Increase data security using profile privacy settings, staff access permissions, and auto activities logging on our AI management platform.

AI Assistant - Smart Software

Everyone can use the power of intelligent AI software to automate admin tasks like scheduling changes, checking invoices, sending reminders.

Say good-bye to spreadsheets, calendars, or hard-to-use management software.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Automate 80% of admin tasks at 10% of the cost.

For Individual to Business – Your AI Assistant

You Are

An Individual - Tutor, Teacher, Coach

Tired of doing all the admin work yourself?
Scheduling changes, reminders, updating your calendar, messaging on WhatsApp or email, tracking payments.
Use AI Assistant and free up your time!

A Business - Single or Many Centers

Want to free your staff from routine admin work so they can focus on customers?
Or improve efficiency so you don’t have to hire more admin staff?
Use AI Assistant and free up their time!

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