AI Assistant

AI Software for learning center management

Unique Values

AI Assistant

Smart AI algorithms to make decisions just like a person.  

Ex. For a schedule change conflict, AI Assistant will check student, room, tutor availability and past history to recommend the option with highest chance of being right for all.

1-2-3 Quick Start

Start as fast as choose a date, add a contact, add a lesson (& fee), set to auto-repeat and done… in 60 seconds or less.

Or do it as usual: import customers, set up lessons & programs, add schedules to calendar before scheduling your first class.

Multi-Business, One App

As a business, manage your schedule across many centers and tutors, full or part-time.

As an individual, manage your schedule across many customers and businesses, from a single app.

Reduce Admin Cost

Individuals can use our platform for free, forever.

Businesses can reduce the cost of hiring less experienced help, as the platform handles 80% of the admin tasks at 10% of the cost. 

Single Platform

Fast, Accurate and Efficient.

With all features on a cloud SaaS AI software platform from scheduling, registering, to attendance tracking and billing, there is no need to spend time to match spreadsheets to enrollments, to check billing vs attendance.

Reduce human error, improve customer satisfaction.

Flexible Lessons, Schedules, Pricing

From flexible timetables, to lessons with multi-level fee options, to selling programs with multiple lessons (and program types), our AI software platform handles your different business requirements.

Standard Features

Account Profiles

Student, Parent, Tutor, Staff account profiles with personal, contact and account details.

Calendar & Scheduling
Single day, multi-day, weekly and monthly calendar views. 
View room capacity and student registrations per class.

Lessons, Programs, Products

Different lesson types, with flexible timetable and multi-level price options.  Build packages with lessons.  Add products like exam or travel fees.

QR Code Attendance Tracking
Track student attendance using QR Code scans, or check-in manually on the app (single or group).
Registration & Enrollment
Register students for classes automatically (auto-registration) and/or renew their enrollments (on weekly or monthly basis).

Invoices & Payments
Send out auto reminders for invoices and payments.  Automatically match the invoice items to attendance records.

Rooms & Locations

Set up multiple locations (centers) for your business, and multiple classrooms in each location.

Alerts & Messaging

Notifications and messaging features are included, no need to use a 3rd party app to communicate with your users.

Reports & Analytics
Use the charts and analytics to manage your business, identify areas to grow sales.

SYSTEM Features


Multi-Time Zone

Multi-Currencies & Taxes

24×7 Data Protection